At Formation, we believe in supporting local women in art and business. Whether you're taking a class with us or just stopping by, you can shop our display of locally made items, such as soaps, jewelry and ceramics. You can also view and purchase local artwork displayed on our gallery wall.


Featured artist:
Hannah Garrison

Hannah Garrison is a visual artist and nature lover from San Antonio, Texas. She graduated in 2014 from the University of Texas in San Antonio with her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She is continuously fascinated by color and its interaction with light. When she works, she is constantly looking for ways to reconcile her love for the abstract and formal elements of paint with her impulse to draw with more technical skill.

She paints small found, organic objects in order to showcase the natural beauty in these things that are otherwise tossed and discarded. These objects - often rocks and small pieces of wood are all around us. We pass them by on the way to our cars. We rake them and toss them when the leaves start to fall and messy our yards. Hannah brings them to life by enlarging them and filling them with color - to show that they are just as important to human life as they are to human creativity.

Hannah Garrison’s work will be displayed in Formation beginning October 5, 2018

Past Artists: Emily Magone


Emily Magone, an artist from the beautiful and isolated Kootenai Valley in NW Montana, has recently returned from the UK to create from her new studio in San Antonio, Texas.  She travels the world, seeking epic and everyday natural beauty.  Self-taught and with her Irish grandmother’s early influence, Emily seeks to communicate the solace, calm and intensity felt when listening to the sounds the earth makes – without the interruption of man-made noise.

Emily has dabbled in many mediums, but her true love is acrylic.  She thrives on discovering new surface materials and allowing the pigments and mediums to behave organically; letting the materials thrive to create a piece that has been brought to existence by the nature of its components working with her vision and memories. Through a mixture of wet into wet pigments, dry brushing and impasto, she creates work that emanates the constant soothing yet powerful energy of our natural world.

Emily has received multiple awards, and has had her work featured at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, VIDA, Minted and The Unity Closet as well as on several blogs including Arts Business Institute, Inner Moonlight Designs and Women in Art 278. Her work was also featured on DIY SOS: the big build on the BBC and lives in private collections all over the world.

Emily wishes to remind viewers of her art of the connection that we all have to the earth and to all elements of the universe.